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Our History

Luxuriate in the Finest Natural Ingredients

Since its founding in 2002, ABA Group has been dedicated to curating a portfolio of luxurious and elegant brands synonymous with nature and its beauty. Now with two decades of experience, the group strives to bring a sense of well-being and joy to life. Therefore, we sought out brands that celebrate nature and the best it has to offer.

With great pleasure, we are proud to offer the finest selection of world-class beauty retailers, such as L'Occitane, Elemis, and Bon Parfumeur, to provide an elegant and pleasurable experience and exquisite chocolate gourmet Venchi to the Indonesian market.

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Brand Description Image

Each of these brands is carefully crafted with a distinct heritage and experience while continually evolving to meet ever-changing trends for a delightful experience. So come and indulge yourself with the elegant and luxurious brands that ABA Group offers - a celebration of life and the natural beauty of nature.

The ABA Group establish with the pioneering presence of L'Occitane in Indonesia. Our mission was to introduce high-quality, environmentally friendly, and genuinely sustainable brands to a market that still needed to familiarize itself with these concepts. Today, Indonesians are more familiar with this concept and actively celebrate, crave, and even initiate it. We at ABA Group are immensely proud and thrilled to be part of this movement and look forward to a bright future for Indonesia.

The Sustainable Luxury

At ABA Group, we care deeply about the earth and its people, allowing us to provide the best experience without compromising our environment. That's why we dedicate to offering exclusive brands with distinctive expertise. As a group, we are fully aware of our role in preserving the earth and positively contributing to the lives of our stakeholders for the benefit of future generations. Guided by this core value, ABA Group is committed to being a trusted partner for those who share our ethos.

Unlocking The Potential

The ABA Group believes every brand has a story and a message to share that need to be heard. As we are devoted to being the bridge between each brand and Indonesia, we thoroughly introduce the brand to the public and consistently increase its awareness, ensuring it stands out in the highly competitive market. Moreover, we also committed to serving the customers in Indonesia by exploring the most suitable ways to respond to the fast-changing market. Our team conducts meticulous research to provide valuable insights for brands, helping them become prominent players in the highly competitive market by becoming the correct answer to consumers' demands.